A Long Life May Not Be Good Enough, But a Good Life is Long Enough.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Feelings , Thoughts ...

I have a sudden urge to blog.

Where should I start from?? I have a lot of things to tell...

I have been reading my friends's blogs lately. All of them blogged about their life, the definition of 'life'. Everyone of them has their own frustrations, disappointments, something to look forward to.

Life sucks recently, exclude all the happy moments I had with my best friends.

SPM year, the toughest year I have ever had. How I wish it will end like NOW.  The stress... the mind set of getting straight A+ so that parents will be happy and won't get disappoint by me. I did really bad in mid-term.. I can't blame because I know that I did not put much effort it in. I got really disappointed on myself and I cried in front of my friends. This was embarrassing. But, I could not hold back my tears anymore.

I promise, I will do my best in trials and prove to my parents!

I miss the past so much. I looked through all the old photos and flashbacks appeared in my mind. The HAPPY moments. What's the definition of happy? I don't seem to remember now. I laugh and smile everyday but I'm dying inside. Happiness, where have you been? Come back to me please.

Look at the happy faces, I miss.

I'm so confuse.

I have been telling myself not to fall for you but still you seem to appear in my mind from time to time. Its okay, time will heal the pain.
"The longer you hide your feelings for someone, the more you fall for them." #blackalogy


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What is life?

I have been neglected my blog for so long. So, i'm here to blog!

When I heard the news about Japan is having 8.9 magnitude earthquake and this caused tsunami, over 100,000 people is missing, more than 1000 people is dead. I swear I was near tears. I don't know what can I do besides praying for them. Life is unpredictable, you never know what is going to happen on the next second. Appreciate your life from now on, live with no regrets. I'm actually telling myself, because I do not appreciate my life, I take everything for granted. I shall learn how to appreciate my life from now on.

Hmm.. I guess 2011 is just a bad year.

16 years old, form 4 is a very tough year for me. I can't cope up with a lot of subjects. A plies of homework everyday is driving me crazy. Now I understand why when I was form 3, the form 4s told me PMR is a piece of cake, I really do. Form 4 is HECTIC, you can barely have time for yourself.

I miss those moments after PMR..

Seafield Challenge brought me closer to the bising-ians, one of the best chapter in my life

I guess I'm done, Good Night!

Lovesss, Ke Jia.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy 15th Birthday, Michelle Tang! Well, I met you during Teen Dhamma Camp 12th, it's my pleasure to know you. Although we are not close, you are still a great friend to me. I'm so sorry that I accidentally hit you and your spectacle dropped on the floor, so sorry!

Thanks for being such a great team mate during TDC. I have to admit that you are a smart girl although I don't want to haha! You helped me a lot to answered the dhamma questions when I was cracking my head to think what's the answer suppose to be! Thanks a lot. :)

School gonna reopen in one day time! So, I hope you will have tonnes of fun in school and study hard for PMR. Pass your results with flying colours, I know you can do it! All the best! Once again, happy fantabulous 15th Birthday, I owe you a hug! ;)


Friday, June 18, 2010

A full stop for June's holidays.

The title says it all.

I'm here to blog again!

The past two days, I went to a news casting workshop. I went there by force but eventually I found out it was fun! We went to NTV7 studio to take a look how the newscaster do their work professionally. Honestly, it was quite boring.

Teacher asked us to use 15 frames and make it into a story, there were 3 titles. My title is 'My 1st Acting Class'. My team mates and I did a great job, we got the highest marks in the class! And, I love this scene that I had captured down. :)

This picture shows that the guy is feeling sad and tears are rolling down from his cheeks, a friend of him felt pity and comfort him.

Yeah, I love this scene a lot!

We put a lot of afford in it. I have a great team mates. :)


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My blog is no longer dead!

OH MY. It's been ages since I have signed in my blog account. The worst thing is, I almost forgotten my password. But hell yeah, I remembered it at last :)

After reading KiewYeePei's blog, I feel like updating my blog. Her blog makes me feel like ' Ohhh, blogging is fun'. So, I shall update my blog when I have the time to, I promise. I'm lack of topic in the past few months but now I'm gonna share all my thoughts or whatever you call it here (although I know no one is reading).

I gone to a camp last week and I can tell you this is the most awesome camp that I had never been. The atmosphere, the people, the committees there were indescribable. I have learnt a lot of things throughout the camp. Well, I found out some of the talks were quite boring but AT LEAST I have learnt something. Something that very useful in my life. I appreciate that.

And oh! I have a lot of new friends there, BIMBO FRIENDS I SHALL SAY. They were so hyper,friendly and made me laughed all the time. Ailsa, Min Hui, Wei Qi, Cherie, Michelle Tang and soon. Also, not to forget my dorm mates! Min Li, Adelyn, Wei Wen! Last but not least, Xin Vee (you know I love you a lot) *winks. The committees there were so friendly. I love you guys! They really made my day!

I HAD AN AWESOME GUARDIAN ANGEL THIS YEAR AS COMPARED TO LAST YEAR! She was just so sweet and kind. Thanks for everything! AND YEAH, ORLANDO BLOOM ROCKS TEEN DHAMMA CAMP 12th HAHAHA! I love my team mates, a lot. I am serious :)

I just can't stop clicking and watching the video like every single day? This shows how much I miss camp! I really miss it! I hope the time could rewind. Rewind and stop it there forever but too bad, time are never enough. I must accept the fact. So yeah :(

Those people who couldn't attend or whatever, I shall say, you missed the fun! :)


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just a random update!

My new idol, Connie Talbot!

Friday, February 19, 2010

It's already Friday!

Blink of an eye, is already Friday! That's mean we have to go back to school in two days time. Why can't the time stop? Why the time is rushing? I don't understand why!

How's your Chinese New Year, guys? Mine is just okay. I prefer last year's!

Let me tell you why I prefer last year's.
1. A week after CNY, is our exam!
2. I have tonnes of homeworks!

This Monday was my lil brother's birthday! Happy belated Birthday lil bro! You know I love you!

Pictures time!

Cool right? :D

8 candles!

A random shot. (:

Cut cake!


A random shot by my cousin. (:

Till then.