Friday, May 25, 2012

Feelings , Thoughts ...

I have a sudden urge to blog.

Where should I start from?? I have a lot of things to tell...

I have been reading my friends's blogs lately. All of them blogged about their life, the definition of 'life'. Everyone of them has their own frustrations, disappointments, something to look forward to.

Life sucks recently, exclude all the happy moments I had with my best friends.

SPM year, the toughest year I have ever had. How I wish it will end like NOW.  The stress... the mind set of getting straight A+ so that parents will be happy and won't get disappoint by me. I did really bad in mid-term.. I can't blame because I know that I did not put much effort it in. I got really disappointed on myself and I cried in front of my friends. This was embarrassing. But, I could not hold back my tears anymore.

I promise, I will do my best in trials and prove to my parents!

I miss the past so much. I looked through all the old photos and flashbacks appeared in my mind. The HAPPY moments. What's the definition of happy? I don't seem to remember now. I laugh and smile everyday but I'm dying inside. Happiness, where have you been? Come back to me please.

Look at the happy faces, I miss.

I'm so confuse.

I have been telling myself not to fall for you but still you seem to appear in my mind from time to time. Its okay, time will heal the pain.
"The longer you hide your feelings for someone, the more you fall for them." #blackalogy


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