Saturday, November 8, 2008


I'm f-depress now and PISSED OFF.
My mum keep scolding me the whole day for no reason.
I just ask her can i go cheer gym.
Then she scolded me. I ask something from her than she scolded me.
What's the point you scold me?
Why you just can't talk to me properly?
YOU said i'm one of those not understanding people.
So do you ?
cheer gym is gymnastic session lah, no joking here man.
I tried to talk to you but you don't even want to hear.
you just said i'm too annoying, you know how depress am i now?
Don't mention about it ady lah. i have no mood to post anything now.
My tears are rolling down now.
Bye people.

- Ke Jia -

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