Sunday, November 9, 2008

i'm okayy ;D

Hello peeps :)

Today went to celebrated my cousin's 9th birthday at my grandma's house o.o

Its not fun at all. All my cousins are younger than me, no one elder than me.

I take a nap there until they wanted to cut the birthday cake oops.

Went back home straight away went to padang.

ZR keep calling me to go and teman her to see him, _ _ _ _ HAHA ;p

I saw xing yiow there ! =)

He called me 'gou lou' but i didn't know he was calling me.

I'm not so tall am I ?

He used to be my best best friend last time ;D

OH! and i watched a basketball match there. IT WAS AWESOME ! ;D

I don't know what team VS what team.

But i saw got SU and Seafield. The team mix wan. =)

WOW, and you know what?

the mix group (SU, Seafield etc)

have 104 points and 0 points for another team OMG.

The mix group got MSSD and MSSS basketball players, i think so. =)


Then later ZR came to my house and we lie down on the carpet and keep SMS-ing lol

We ss-ed tooooo, pictures later only upload yep. ;D

Thats all for today, Bye people. =D

-Ke Jia-

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