Saturday, October 18, 2008

Just A short post :)

Wow wow wow, Thank You Kian Hui :) You help me change all my things in my blog. But one thing is, you make lost my chatbox haiyo hahah. nevermind nice edited btw :)

Oh hey guys, exam coming. Gosh, the exam changed to next wednesday, SO LATE only inform. I did study :) but its too many to memorize weih. HEADCHE ! PMR is over, form 3 guys you all are free =D. Merdeka lol XD. I don't feel like study, but i need to study. Monday and Thursday went to group study. We did study SOME. Play MORE ;p

I have nothing to post ady.
Bye readers and bloggers ;
Need go study. BYE !

p/s I'm waiting for you :)

- Ke Jia -

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