Sunday, October 12, 2008

hee ;D

Hey Guys :)
I have loads of fun during SATURDAY & SUNDAY
-Saturday- Lick Hung Family Day. aww, I LOVE this school alright ? :)
I woke up on 6.55 , my sis need to reach lick hung before 8.00
so thats why i'm woke up so early. heh. Afetr packed, my mum
went to michelle's house to fetch her. then lets go LICK HUNG :)
I reached there about 7.53, it almost 8. SHIT. I saw Loads of old
friends of mine :) IMYA so much. And all those boys that last
time shorter then me one. wow, now semua taller then me liao
heh :) And later. We spend some times with our X-classmate
at 6D class :) OUR CLASS okay ? XD Then then, Me Yee Pei
Amanda Chiet Chun went to ghost house. its kinda FUN heh.
Helll weih, damn dark inside. need to craw inside -.- Then, the
funny part came. we walk walk walk then need to climbed up on
the table. suddenly, Got two ghost at the back of CC. i wanted to
him. but but WHEN i wanted to call him. He been push down and
Fall LMAO ! :P Because of his heavy-ness. The thingy on the floor
sliped in front. SO, i didn't been push hee. Later, he walk at the back of
me. and keep boo boo boo. Scare me -.- lol. Anyways, i had lotz of fun
on that day :) I took some pictures too hee. but haven't upload to the
computer. i'll post it later heh =) I went back around 1.30, skipped
tuition =(. And straight away go genting :) ohlala~ I did not went to
theme park. i went there swimming. It was not FUN at all. The water
even haven't reachd my knee LOL thats a baby pool heh XD But i had
lotz of fun playing water slide :)

-Sunday- Went to indoors play some games. Then went back to KL :)

Thats all for today.
Bye readders & bloggers :)
i'll post some pictures later

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