Sunday, October 19, 2008

I can't concentrate studying. WHY?

Yeah, i can't concentrate AT ALL. I say i wanted to study after tuition BUT at last DIDN'T. Ahhh~ Exam is driving me crazy eh, 'WHAT TO DO?'. I studied around 9.00 p.m, i know its late. Keep delay the time XD Around 3 to 8,You know what am i doing? COMPUTERS, HANDPHONE and TV -.- But i did study some today =D SOME is not enough o.o And i edited some of mine pictures today :) Blog // Ke Jia ;D

Ohyeah, Yat Kuan, i grabed your picture from your blog. Don't mind hor ? =D. I wanted to write about this. I get 5 tickets from Thana Raj. Its free! aww, thank you :) But too bad i didn't go, SORRY =(. I'll give you back on monday, go recycle laugh out laugh ;p

This is how the ticket look LOL

-Ke Jia-

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