Monday, September 15, 2008

Hey guys, wow! Sudah lama tak update blog saya. Anyways, I have no idea why am i blogging although I have nothing to blog about. Well, I guess i miss my blog! And I'm trying to keep my blog alive! I think so XD visit my blog EVERYDAY! yeah, Laugh Out Loud. Just Kidding! In the other hand, I'm kinda lazy to update my blog. BUT STILL, I'm here to update my blog.
Ohyeah, today have some argument with my FRIEND =.= Teacher call us to change place because i'm sitting near the windows almost 3 months and its freaking hot! My FRIEND she is so stubborn, don't want to change because she said the place near the windows very hot WHATEVER! You hot i don't hot meh! FUCKER =.= Give chance people sit under the fan mah, not just you can sit! Then, my friend oso scolded her. She can't argue us back then she cried. CRY BABY ... ok nevermind, we stop scolding her. After PJK class, She finally change. Thanks God! but she just change to in front wtf, my another friend no place to sit, damn kesian weih. And she been siting under the fan whole year? =.=
Last saturday, i played lantern, fire, candle with my friend in the big padang at USJ11 celebrated mooncake festival, FUN! :)
Love You Guys :)
Got-to-Go, Bye !

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