Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What playboy means?

What playboy means? A real playboy is a bastard who flirts, tease and plays the feelings of other girls. THATS the meaning of playboy! Get it straight kids! Its not nice identifying someone innocent as a playboy. And i'm one of them. I got rejected by girls i liked. And i have my rights to like other people. You people dun control me.. Understanding the word isn't enough. You gotta experience it youself, think yourself. If i was a playboy would i be THIS honest to you? I sincerely have not play a girl my entire life. I'm an only child, i know what is it like to be played. And fyin.. I like girls younger than me because they are nice to sayang and care for. Not because they are easy to bluffed. My ex was a form 2. I sincerely kao her. We were together for ten months because i never felt tired educating her and loving her. Do they work hard for their girls?

wrote by -Kat Jin Ji-

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