Tuesday, September 9, 2008

FUN day with Her :)

After school, i went to her house XD We had lotz of fun there XD Firstly, when i reached her home XD Me, she and her second brother go padang. Whhoot~! FUN:) We played like siao po XD i cycled on her bicycle along the padang track XD and it was fun cuz the padang is BIG wooow XD Then she run like hell LOL. later we exchange. I run, She cycled XD She oso fetching me using her bicycle XD I stand on the back of the bicycle XD And its was scary! No balance XD and i sked the bicycle will fall XD but din lah :) I shouted, She laugh wtf XD i saw my old friend! hee~!:) and i borrowed a bicycle from them :) The bicycle sucks! very difficult to cycle XD but later i used to it d :) Around 7 like dat , We went back her home XD She and her bro cyclying the bicycle, and i'm the one who is chasing them =.=

Vivien's bro: Your friend can or not

Vivien: She sure can wan lah basketball player le

Me: bball player so wad? LOL

And we reached her home :) Finally ...

freaking tired XD She took a cup of water to me XD Thanks! :) later, i had dinner at her house O.O after finished eating, she took a bowl of red beans water for me XD Then her second brother came in the kicthen XD

He shouted : Why no beans wan, Vivien!

Vivien: My friend dun like BEANS

Vivien's bro: Laughing ... ha ha ha

Me: i oso laughing, damn paiseh weih and i don't like red BEANS

We went up to do our science project XD But we do nth. We played with her bro's laptop XD SS-ing online friendster etc etc etc then her bro said : called you all come do to project friendster huh ... LOL. Around 9.30, My mum came then i went backed home :)

We Took Some Photo Too :)

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