Friday, August 22, 2008

Ahahaha! XD

Just come back from my fwen house XD we had a lot of fun there! :D But sometimes boring lo XD Ate chocolate cake . Donut. ekkk! i hate banana flavor =XX and drink mango drinks XD The most funny thing is we have a painting cup that got paint and water inside XD And the mango drink cup is the same size as the painting cup. O.O Then all the cup is just on the table. i just acidentlly take up the painting cup and drink it! LOL. but i din drink until lar. lol My fwen put her paint brush into her mango drink cup and she thought is the painting cup XD. ekkk. that GRRROOOSSS!! LOL. We use the cotton and toothpicks to make the tress XD the toothpick poke my hand all the time. LOL. because we are trying to poke the toothpicks into the paper mache XD The paper mache damn smelly weih! XD. I'm the first wan who go back. Aunty gave me two cupcakes XD. It was delicious! But i dun like the cream =.= LOL. Then reach home nothing to do again. Juz sms-ing wit my fwen lo XD. I take a few photo. But i later nee post on my blog :D

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