Thursday, August 21, 2008

Is SHE! XD Whheett~

Yeah! Today is a new day O.O Time past so fast. XD Today i'm not at home half day. XD Goin to my friend house do Geo project :D Sienz le. everytime doin this project XD. But nevermind. we still haven finish the mountain yet @.@ You all got watched olympic ( Diving) ? XD nice to watched! XD. At first China leaded first. Then Canada. Then when round 5 (last round). China leaded again. XD (CHEN ruolin)She is just 16 years old. XD She get 100.30 in the last round and she get the gold medal ! whhoot~ XD She dived beautifully :D My family cheer for her. Shout here shout there although WE GET NOTHING lol :D

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