Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tagged By Tan Kian Hui

A tag from Kian Hui
1. Five things you love to say are:
-Oh i see
-Ok luh
-Oh yameh?
-Nah, nothing
The sweetest thing your lover can do for you on V-Day?
- make me feel sweet and loved, that's all I want
3. For girls: Do you prefer receiving one pound of chocolates or a dozen roses from your lover? Or both?For guys: Do you prefer giving one pound of chocolates or a dozen roses to your lover?
Or both?
- One pound of chocolates Why? can eat XD
4. Your 16-year-old friend is pregnant. What do you ask/tell her when she tells you she's pregnant?
- Er, I don't know
5. Sons? Daughters? Or orphans? Or none at all?
- son and daughters
6. If you were to choose ONLY ONE person to spend the rest of your life with in the middle of nowhere, who will it be?
- Somebody that i LOVE ;D
7. If you catch your lover kissing another partner IN PUBLIC, what would you do?
- I'll slap him and say BYE BYE
8. Would you prefer eating chocolate dipped crickets or Durians?
- Durian lah of course
9. If you have your own store, what will its name be and why?
- Er, You'll know next time
10. You love ___________
- TO PLAY, Family, Friends

11. What's your status?
- Student ?
12. Describe yourself in eight words.
13. Is music a part of your life?
- YES, memang ;D
14. Any advice for the world?
- bigger please?
15. Tag 5 people:
1. Fuying
2. Michelle
3. Anna
4. Su Shen
5. Chiet Chun

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