Sunday, November 8, 2009

See ya.

Hi everyone !

Hmm, today is the last TQG throughout the whole year. The committee asked " Would you come back next year & why? " I answered " Yes, because it is fun. " Well, i would like to come back next year not just because of fun, I learnt a lot of things during TQG. I can release stress too haha. =)

Exams over. In school, teacher did not teach at all. So, most of my classmates choose not to come to school. The attendance of my class was like 10/39 person? haha ! Holidays is just around the corner & i found that i hate holidays. I wil be rot at home because my mom always disallow me to go out with friends.

Recently, my school got 3 on 3 basketball competition and the dead line of passing up the form is tomorrow. I still can't find anybody in my class to join besides Yee Pei but i can see that Yee Pei don't really want to join. I really want to join !

Till then.


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