Friday, November 13, 2009

Basketball is my passion.

Grabbed from Teh Wen Wen's blog. :D

Everything's fine now. I deleted my previous post. =)

Went to school today for basketball competition 3 on 3. I woke up 6 in the morning and went to U6 court with the guys and Yee Pei. We did some warm up before the competition. I was so nervous !

Reached school. I felt sad for Carney, Chuan Jian, Shing Kern who been kicked out last minute because they did not do the payment. I got confident that they will win if they were in the competition.

I felt that i'm too ganas today compared to training LOL. Sorry to my opponent if i hurt you or what. Really sorry ! Anyway, my opponent got in final ! Congragulations. =)

I was so happy even though i lost the competition. Thanks Yee Pei & Tze Jing for participating! You all did a great job. =) After that, went makan with Dylan, Shing Kern, Carney, Chuan Jian & Yee Pei. Everybody said that Yee Pei looks like a small kid including me !

Carney Quek ! Thanks for your 100 plus lol. :D

Till then.


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