Sunday, June 28, 2009

Touch My Hand.

Group picture, the formal one.

The unformal one ! =)

Hey, i am here to talk about TDC 11th again since i have no idea what to blog about.

Yeah, maybe you think that why am i not boring keep saying about TDC 11th. I can tell you this camp is simply awesome ! And, this is the first time i went to camp, cool huh? :)

The theme of the camp is 'METAMORPHOSIS' which means something like an evolution. Example : caterpillar to butterfly. * winks. =) I had alot of fun through out the whole camp & we had reunion yesterday !

Hmm, i love hymn singing. Why? because the songs are great. I love Music !

Today, i went to SJBA for teen quest, met some of ex-camp-ers. We played station games with mindfulness. This recalled me that during TDC, me & my group mates played station games at the temple haha. We have teamwork because we had a good leader. He's a patient guy, brave guy and treat his cucu in a very nice way which i was so envy because i don't have a good GA, gahh.

I'm still in TDC mood. * grin.

p/s : didn't get to take picture with MinLi. =(


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