Sunday, May 31, 2009


Hello ! My blog is dead for 3 days, wonder why? haha.

I went to Genting lol, I skipped English & Maths tuition heh. We started our journey at 8 something, reached there is already 10 something at night. We stayed in First World Hotel, which i don't like it. Is so small ahaha.
My room number is 17640. :)

Before that, i invited a bunch of friends to play basketball haha. After that, they came to my house. Played PS2,
watched horror movie, which is freaking scary. I even shouted. =/ Cai Yi keep laughing lol.

Cai Yi, Shing Kern, Carney.
1st day of Genting,


He has a pair of beautiful eyes haha. :)

Baskin Robbin ! :)

Tower 1, my room. :)

Bought this. :)

*Peoples, did you saw before a BIG BIG house & got a swimming pool there? :)
Scroll down, my little brother's friend's house, wooottts.

Cool huh? :)
Done ! I will update about 2nd day of Genting, so stay tune haha.
Signing off.

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