Friday, May 8, 2009


Hello peeps, just a random post here. School was fun today because we had PJK. Me, Ju Ting, Cai Yi played hide & seek with the 2elokians haha. We hide in the canteen, they can't find us and at last we just walk out nyaha. Overrall it was really fun. Yee Pei played badminton with our class boy, she is active. :)

After that, the bell rang. Vincent bought a packet of flour which is cost RM2.70 lol. We use that packet of flour to pour on Chuan Jian's head & i did pour water on him ahahha. Flour + Water will be sticky, so yeah. Because CJ's birthday is coming, on the may of 10th. I will wish you on that day. :)

I will update about MSSD basketball tomorrow, I promise !
Eu-Nise & Wen Chyi, be patient. :P

Signing off.


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