Friday, March 13, 2009


Okay, today alot of parents came and took their son/daughter's report card.
My daddy came. :)
And you know what teacher said about me?
She said i'm talkative in class haha. Yes, i admit.
Sometimes only lah teacher. :P
But she also said that i'm friendly and what she called me to do, i will do ohlala. :)
I got number 11 in class, not really satisfy of it.
I will study hard next time !
6A's 5B's.

Yat Kuan. <3

Tzeeee Jingggg. <3

p/s : Pictures took from their blog.

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Please write down your name and tell me that my english is poor. I know my english is poor and i'll improve one day ! I will back up in my english. Don't put a unknown name there, sucks. I hate those people. WRITE YOUR OWN NAME. You have a name right? =)


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