Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Stupid Tuesday !

I had a realllyyy bad day today.


I totally forgot got ICTL today and i didn't go.
When need to line up in dewan, i'm the only girl who sit there in my class barisan + 3 boys wtff.
fineee, i wait and wait my class to come in the dewan, i wait for so freaking long and when they came is already prepared go back to class.
And some of the boys told me said. The stupid Grace Ong will give surat amaran to me !
Then i was like ' oh i see .. '
Just that i didn't attend the class for the first time then surat amaran, shit you laa !
I go replace the ICTL class on thursday with 2J class then no need to take surat amaran ady x)
She called me to see her but where the hell you are?


I accidentally droped my file on the floor and its broken -.-


Recess time ! I bought a curry mee for lunch.
When i was lining up for paying the mee and suddenly a malay accidentally pushed me & the curry soup pour on my shirt. I was sooooo pissed off that time, didn't say sorry to me also.
I went to bilik hem and go asked for Puan Lau a shirt for me to changed.
They just have baju kurung so i terpaksa to wear baju kurung x)
First time weih ! ahahaha.
I look so damn tall you know lol.
Yee Pei said " WOW, you soo tall, look so scary " LMAO.


Nothing happened haha x)

What a bad day i had right?

p/s : yesterday science tuition was fun ! We turned off the light and teacher show us what is light refraction etc. And later, her son teached me & vivien rubik's cube. And we keep ' huh-ing' x)


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