Saturday, January 10, 2009

Amanda Lim Mei-Yien =(

Happy 3 Friends are forever. =)



Amanda Lim Mei-Yien.

The sampat one. =)
Oops, i'm falling down x)

I just know that my best friend wanted to transfer school omg.

She suddenly told me & yee pei saidd ' my father want me to transfer school, next monday i'm not coming ady '.

And i was like ' don't sampat laa you, you lie to us ! '

then she said ' real one laaa .. ' SIGH.
I have to face the fact.

Everyday saturday must come back to cheer, alright? :)


At first she's in 1Fasih class. I don't really know her cause she always with yee pei & i'm always with zhiou ru.

Then later she changed class & i only know her much :)

She's a sampat. =P

included me aha.

Thanks for being my BEST friend for one year? =(

i thought was 5 years BEST friend.

iloveyou, friend.

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