Saturday, January 31, 2009


Hey you people !
Is such a long time i didn't update my blog haha.
nevermind, i'm here now ! :)
Okay, today the whole day i'm at yee pei's house.
Her house big big wow lol.
I & her played karaoke while waiting for amanda lim mei-yien.
We sang two songs lol !
And later amanda came, we baked cookies together ohlala~ ;D
Then go padang, ss a lotss haha.
But those picture is in amanda & yee pei's handphone.
Later i'll update those pictures. =)
We gamble tooo ! of course not just us.
We gamble with her two sisters etc.
We played fire cracker wooo.
over rall, its really fun fun fun !! ;DD
The whole week, i went to hometown, parents friend's house, cousin house etc.
At last, i want to wish you all a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR. ;D


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