Thursday, December 4, 2008


I'm not going to lagoon tomorrow with cheer people sigh. =(
I really want to go but mum don't let -.-
Have fun yep those peoples are going. =)
I want to go laaaaaaaa.

Oh yeah, today went to see my result with Ju Ting.
Michelle, sorry that didn't go with you cause i wanted to stay at home watch TV then Ju Ting called me to go then i go lorr haha.
Need parents only can take the report card.
Ahh, i so damn scare i'll failed. end up NO yay!
get number 7 in class which has 3A, 1C then all B
I know is bad laa lol.
i'll study more next time ! haha.
I learned how to strikeout the fonts. kejia
Thanks to michelle lim ;p

Btw, i still want to continue watching my show ! lmao x)
So, byebye byebye byebye. =)

-Ke Jia-

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