Saturday, September 27, 2008

Updated :)

Happy holidays ! :)
any plans?
for me NOOOO sigh ...
My plans is go friend's house , play play play LOL =.=
Anti- study haah :P
but still must study sigh
I don't know what am i writing CONFUSE @.@

This evening went padang with vivien
we played badminton. It should be fun
But NOOTT x)
because our badminton skills sucks lol
She damn annoying [ vivien, sorry]
haah. bluek :P
She keep saying she wanna play swing
then i said NO, see-saw betta haah :)
At last, she sat with me on the see -saw
me, WINNER! =.=
Around 7 we went back home
then i switch on the TV cuz is bored
Wow, nice show XD
After a while, her mum come picked her up.

Thats all for today :)
ciao zzz :)

P/S: Michelle called me to update my blog haah :)
P/S: Puan Lau changed my place in the classroom T.T

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