Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm in a bad mood

Today went padang with vivien again :) ,
Shing Kern came oso LOL
we decided 5.30 go padang
but the vivien came late to my house
we almost 6.00 nee go
I waste lotz of credits called vivien LOL
Nevermind, then we played badminton again =.=
Today wind damn big, so not fun XD
then we walked around the padang
saw somebody :)
then i leave shing kern and vivien together,
went to find xin er , we sat swing LOL
i walked here walked there don't know what to do =.=
then around 7, i called vivien go back home
but she dun wan, she still wan stay with shing kern longer LOL
Then later when go back, been scolded by my grandparents =.=
They said ' WHY SO LATE COME BACK ... blah blah blah
then they said ' Why got a boy following you wan lalala~~'
I like WTF!!!!
around 7.30, vivien's brother came to fetch her back home

Thats all for today.
I'm off. Bye :)

P/S : Not in a good mood now =.=

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