Saturday, August 30, 2008

Unlucky day, MERDEKA! :)

Long time saya tak update blog saya d XD HELLO! :) [Thursday, August 28, 2008] This day is my most unlucky day XD not juz me i think XD after we went out to dewan wanna go back to our class. We met dicipline teacher =.= me and my fwen din pin up our hair kena tangkap WTF! XD cuz we din bring pin oso. so followed 'HER' to bilik hem bought pin (terpaksa) XD it cost me RM0.60 for two stupid quality tak bagus de pin! >< (nevermind) XD then we pin up. look like a NERD! =.= then after recess we went to 1K class for moral class later we went science lab. Suddenly, got a 1K gurl knock the door 'knock, knock, knock'=.= then come in. then u noe wad happened? XD Her mouth like lalalalalalal~ scolded us. Said : our project spoil d. 1F class make de =.= lalala~ after moral class our class will like a SHIT!' O.O ur class mmg shit wad =.= sorry to 1K class de people XD Won't mention her name out. Respect u noe XD then later got two boys from 1K found me and my fwen said puan lau want to see you all. I like WTF. i din do anything wrong oso XD kami pun pergi jumpa puan lau XD then she said 1K class de ppl said ur class de bosy make spoil their geo project =.= then i ask her Why u find us le? XD she said cuz i sit at the back XD later she call us go back class LAME! XD Thats all i can said XD Bye! :) [Friday, August 29, 2008] we celebrated MERDEKA! in school :) damn fun ! Nothing to say XD Bye! :)

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